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Easy Recipe On How To Make Lip Balm At Home (2)

Easy Recipe On How To Make Lip Balm At Home

Lips have the highest susceptibility of drying out than any other part of the body. Summer is the worst season as the temperature is high, leading to rapid moisture loss on your lips. This is why most people apply lip balm to their mouth. Some lip balms contain ingredients that make you feel good at first, but will leave with the urge to put more leaving your skin even drier. They can also create a barrier that blocks moisture from the air from getting to your lips. However, homemade lip balm is the best as it leaves your lips soft and moisturized. When used with an exfoliator, homemade lip balm sloughs off dry and dead skin revealing softness underneath. However, many people do not know how to make lip balm at home.

  • How to make homemade lip balm

Making lip balm at home is very easy and requires no expertise. All you need is get the right ingredients and follow the directions carefully.

  • Ingredients

Easy Recipe On How To Make Lip Balm At Home (1)The ingredients for the homemade lip balm include; Honey, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, vitamin e capsules.

In this case, coconut oil will help moisturize the skin deep down unlike petroleum products. It has fatty acids that hold the moisture and reinforce the skin fat layer, which promotes hydration.

Moreover, Beeswax acts also work as a moisturizer and also protects your lips from environmental elements that are responsible for drying out the skin. The most important role of the Beeswax is to give lip balm stiffness that makes it easy to be applied on the lips.

Also, honey plays a significant role in attracting and holding water molecules together. Honey also helps preserve the lip balm to maintain a long shelf life.

Vitamin E is full of antioxidants that help neutralize the effects of free radicals that are responsible for skin cells damage.

You need

• One tablespoon virgin coconut oil

• A tablespoon of grated beeswax

• Organic raw honey

• Two capsules of vitamin E

  • Directions

Put the wax in a container and apply some heat to melt them down. Add honey and coconut when half of the beeswax has been melted. Wait until the mixture all melts and blend, then add vitamin E capsules. Pour the mixture into a tube or a container and let them cool. At this point, your lip balm is ready, and you can apply as needed.

  • Conclusion

This guide on how to make lip balm at home will go a long way in helping you get natural and safest lip balm you will never get elsewhere.